Your quick guide to becoming a teaching assistant

Working in a school provides infinite rewards where you can make a difference. While a teaching career is a popular choice for some, joining a school in a support role suits people wanting different responsibilities. If you are interested in becoming a teaching assistant, turn that dream into a reality by reading our guide on becoming one. 

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Your teaching next steps explained

When you start out on your teaching journey, you might have an idea of what age group you would like to teach, where you would like to live or even the type of teacher you would like to be. Others may not know which is perfectly fine. Read our latest guide that explains the basics of what you need to know when planning your next steps. 

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How do you fund teacher training?

For the right person, teaching provides a rewarding career that changes lives and shapes the next generation of thinkers and doers. Before you start on that journey, you need to know whether you can afford it. Our latest how to guide looks at the funding options for teacher training and the avenues you could take to make your dream a reality. 

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Top tips on how to prepare for your interview

Being invited to attend an interview is an exciting next step on your journey towards becoming a teacher. However, as the excitement begins to subside, thoughts soon turn to the practicalities of attending an interview and how you should prepare for it.

We spoke to Portsmouth City Council's careers and progression team to learn about practical techniques to ace your first interview.

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How to become a teacher?

If teaching is something you have considered but want more information on the profession before making a final decision, our latest guide on how to become a teacher is for you.

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4 top tips to help you return to teaching

Has the start of a new year got you thinking about a return to the teaching profession? Teaching is a rewarding career which allows you to make a difference every day. Each year people who worked in the profession are transitioning back and picking up where they left off.

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Can I teach a specific subject area?

Are you passionate about a subject and keen to inspire young people? If so, teaching could provide a great opportunity to share your interest and enthusiasm for a specific subject.

We've put together a how to guide to help you explore your options for starting a career in a subject you are passionate about.

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Top tips for writing a personal statement that stands out

Writing a personal statement is a key part of the teacher training application process.

We spoke to one of Portsmouth's teacher training providers for top tips and advice on creating a personal statement that will make you stand out from the crowd. 

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What eligibility criteria do I need for teacher training?

Regardless of who you are and your background, what eligibility criteria must you meet to become a teacher? While training providers may have specific requirements, you will always need the basics to start your teacher training journey.

From the right qualifications to the knowledge you need, there are some basic eligibility requirements you must have to become a qualified teacher in England.

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5 tips to help you prepare for your first teaching role

As a newly qualified teacher (NQT), you've completed your initial teacher training, gained Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), and have secured your first teaching role. As you get ready to begin your new position, June Hutchinson, NQT Co-ordinator at Portsmouth Teaching School Alliance has shared her top tips for those starting out as an NQT.

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Teaching bursaries - what financial support is available?

Becoming a teacher is rewarding experience but it doesn't have to be an expensive one. Depending on what route or subject you take, you could benefit from teaching bursaries, loans and scholarships of up to ¬£28,000. Discover what financial support you could gain when you train to teach. 

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How to get teacher work experience in a Portsmouth classroom?

How do I get work experience in a classroom? It's a common question for those interested by the idea of teaching. While work experience isn't always necessary for a teaching application, it does give you an insight into the profession and whether it's for you.

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How to get into teaching in Portsmouth?

A quick guide on how to start your teaching journey.

You might have seen the Department for Education's 'every lesson shapes a life' campaign but how do you start a career in teaching?

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