What eligibility criteria do I need for teacher training?

What eligibility criteria do you need to become a superstar teacher?

Regardless of who you are and your background, what eligibility criteria must you meet to become a teacher? While training providers may have specific requirements, you will always need the basics to start your teacher training journey.

From the right qualifications to the knowledge you need, there are some basic eligibility requirements you must have to become a qualified teacher in England.

Time to think criteria

At the start of a new academic, even before UCAS applications open for teacher training in October, what criteria do you need to meet before applying? In England, the Department for Education has set out its requirements on what you should be working towards before applying. In a nutshell, you will need:

  • A degree (or equivalent qualification)
  • GCSE grade C/4 in English or maths - and a science subject for primary trainees

These two qualifications or equivalents are essential before applying. If you are ever unsure about what criteria you need, visit our training section to find out more. 

A degree qualification

A requirement for all trainees is a degree qualification or equivalent. You must be able to show the training provider you have one. It doesn't have to be in the subject you want to teach or a specific education degree. If you don't have your degree certificate or have lost it, speak with the institution you trained at for a replacement copy. 

For equivalent qualifications, you'll need to confirm your qualification is equivalent. That might seem like a no brainer but this is required. If you don't have a degree, you can train on a university-led undergraduate course and graduate with qualified teacher status (QTS).

If you are interested in further education teaching, the requirements around this will vary depending on the organisation you apply at.

GCSEs or equivalent

Like many of us, GCSE qualifications are often gained at school. For some, those interested in teaching may need to gain them later. For teacher training, you must be able to demonstrate GCSE grade C / 4 (or standard equivalent) in maths and English - and a science subject for primary trainees.

If you don't have the right GCSEs, it is worth speaking to your training provider to see what options you have. You might need to sit a GCSE, equivalency test or offer other evidence to demonstrate your ability.

Overseas qualifications

If you have gained a qualification elsewhere and are unsure what to do next, we always welcome enquiries through our website to discuss your options.

Generally, if you have a qualification from overseas, you should contact the school or university you would like to train at, as they make the final decision if your qualifications meet the minimum requirements.

The Department for Education requires the formal recognition of any overseas qualifications through UK NARIC.

Get into teaching can help you through the application process. You can call 0800 389 2500 and speak to them directly as they can provide guidance on equivalent qualifications and a free UK NARIC statement of comparability once you've submitted your application, if required by the provider. 

What's next?

If you tick all the criteria, now it's time to consider your next steps. What route into teaching will you take? Use our helpful route finder to find out.  

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