Living in Portsmouth

Welcome to our city
Photo: Stefan & Sara Venter

Water City

As the UK's only island city, Portsmouth is surrounded on all four sides with water making it a prime destination for sports of all kinds on the water.

The Andrew Simpson Watersports Centre

The Andrew Simpson Watersports Centre is the first port of call for any water-sports enthusiast with courses and access to water-based activities including sailing, rowing, powerboating, kayaking, canoeing and paddle-boarding. Portsmouth Watersports Centre also houses a 13-metre outdoor climbing tower; one for the brave!

South Coast Wakepark

Visitors can experience the thrill of wakeboarding and kitesurfing at South Coast Wakeboarding; home to one of Europe's longest 2.0 straight-line cables meaning that no matter the weather you'll be able to train and shred the water all year long.

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