Top tips for writing a personal statement that stands out

Write a personal statement with impact

Writing a personal statement is a key part of the teacher training application process.

We spoke to one of Portsmouth's teacher training providers for top tips and advice on creating a personal statement that will make you stand out from the crowd. 

In a previous article, Portsmouth teacher training providers shared 5 top tips for preparing your teacher training application. The third top tip in the article relates to writing a personal statement and how important it is to explain your reasons for becoming a teacher.

Teach Portsmouth recently asked Tanya Riordan, course leader for modern foreign languages (PGCE) at the University of Portsmouth, to share her tips on writing a personal statement with impact. 

Why is a personal statement so important?  

First impressions count. A personal statement is important because it gives the reader an insight into your personality and capabilities.  

Do you have any top tips on what should go into a personal statement?  

I want to see the passion you have for your subject and teaching in general. If you can link it to any experience you have, that's even better.

It's really important that you give examples of working with young people or children, whether paid or voluntary. That way, you can show the skills you have gained which could be used in a teaching role. 

Do you need to show that you've had classroom experience? 

If you have knowledge of the education system in England as well as visiting a school, you should try and feature this in your statement. Give examples of what you have observed and what you experienced.

You can also highlight your curriculum knowledge by referring to documents or articles you have read.

It's also important you show understanding of the subject as well as the pastoral side of caring for students too.

Your personal statement should include information on your hobbies and what you enjoy. Don't forget to share your strengths and the skills that make you a great teacher. 

What makes a personal statement stand out from the crowd? 

To make your application stand out, you should demonstrate how to make knowledge accessible to all pupils using interactive approaches.

You should show how you would support pupils' learning while making it enjoyable. 

Where can applicants get help to prepare their statement? 

The UCAS website provides information on how to write a teacher training application with top tips on what to do.  

Do you have any other advice? 

While the personal statement is really important to get right, your presentation should look professional. Be clear, error free and rehearse what you plan to say.  

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