How to get into teaching in Portsmouth?

Portsmouth from the water

A quick guide on how to start your teaching journey.

You might have seen the Department for Education's 'every lesson shapes a life' campaign but how do you start a career in teaching?

While the role is challenging, we have put together a quick guide on how to get into teaching in Portsmouth using our route finder.

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Work out the best route for you 

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From school-based teacher training, university-based teacher training or a bit of both - you have plenty of options.

Ask yourself: Do you prefer more in-classroom experience? This will determine where you start. Generally, school-based routes will offer more hands-on experience than university routes - however we always recommend speaking with the provider to learn more.

Choose the training provider

Once you have chosen what route to take, the next step is to research Portsmouth teacher training providers. Some will specialise in primary teaching while others will offer all options.

Need a reason to teach? Meet our Portsmouth teachers and learn why they love it... 

Find your route into teaching 

Now you have researched teacher-training providers, use our route finder to discover the right qualification for you. Answer four quick questions and our route finder will do the rest.

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