"You always go above and beyond…"

Dom works at Arundel Court Primary Academy

Families across Portsmouth are continuing to recognise the school superheroes who go above and beyond for the city's children and young people. We've reached an incredible milestone in our thank a school superhero initiative and have now received over 500 messages!

Today we're highlighting one wonderful message that celebrates Dom Chapman from Arundel Court Primary Academy. Dom works in pastoral care and has been thanked by Maddison for playing an integral role in supporting the school's pupils.

"Children are comforted by your presence…"

Mr Chapman, you're not only an important part of the school, you ARE the school. Parents and children are comforted by your presence, and you always go above and beyond. Even my youngest is always happy to see you and she doesn't start until September! Thank you for being fabulous you!


We got in touch with Maddison, who explained that they wanted to thank Mr Chapman because the work he does with pupils and parents is second to none.

"Mr Chapman is always there with a smile and a kind word each morning and afternoon for the children and parents and he brings such a positive atmosphere to the school.

He makes so many children feel safe and secure and so many parents are reassured by his unwavering support!"

"Surprised and delighted"

We shared Maddison's special thank you message with Dom, who told us:

"I'm both surprised and delighted to receive the message. It's pleasing to know that parents of children in our care feel that they are supported in this way.

Arundel Court Primary Academy is an important part of the local community and has a well-deserved reputation for caring for and supporting our pupils, their parents and carers. Having worked here since 2015, it is gratifying to know that my approach is welcomed and valued."

Dom also wanted to share these thanks with his colleagues:

"It's also important for me to take the opportunity to say that I am just one part of a close-knit pastoral team and that we all deserve such praise. I could not be the person I am in school without my colleagues being there."

Share your thanks with a school superhero

Do you know a school superhero who deserves praise for going above and beyond for children and young people? There's still time to submit your own thank you message before the deadline on Friday 15 March 2024 and we'd love to hear from you!

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