Deadline extended to thank a school superhero

Send us a thank you message and make someone's day

If you know someone in a primary or secondary school who deserves a big thank you, there is still time to share a special message with them. The deadline for the thank a school superhero initiative has been extended, inviting people who live in Portsmouth to recognise someone who has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Launched in January, we asked Portsmouth to recognise a team member inside a school by sharing a special message with us. So far, over 500 thank you messages have been received, with more being sent every day.

We want every school to have at least 15 thank you messages each - so we're extending the deadline to Friday 15 March to ensure everyone has the chance to get involved. To inspire you, we've shared three different articles about school staff who have been thanked and what it means to them. 

Meet Dom - The support superstar

Dom works in pastoral care at Arundel Court Primary Academy and has been thanked by Maddison for playing an integral role in supporting the school's pupils.

Maddison told us that Dom is always there with a smile and a kind word everyday for the children and parents, bringing a positive atmosphere to the school.

Dom says he was surprised and delighted to receive his thank you message!

Dom at Arundel Court Primary Academy works in the pastoral team

Meet Louise - The top teacher

Jacqui thanked Louise, a teacher at Mary Rose Academy for being a caring and helpful colleague. In her thank you message, Jacqui said that Louise helps pupils to achieve their best in exciting and fun ways but generously shares those ideas with other staff members.

When Louise received word that she had been thanked by Jacqui, she told us the thank you message meant everything to her.

"I feel honoured and humbled to be thanked as a superhero. This message means everything to me because it confirms that I am doing my job correctly and others appreciate what I do."

(Left to right) Jacquie thanked her colleague, Louise for being caring and helpful at Mary Rose Academy

Meet Caroline - The HR hero 

Rebecca nominated Caroline for being a school superhero. During a difficult transition from primary to secondary school, Rebecca felt Caroline listened and gave her child support and kindness.

Caroline's actions in school have made a huge difference to how Rebecca's child responds in class. Her child feels more relaxed and calmer.

Caroline told us that she loves her job and the pupils at Trafalgar School. She says this type of recognition is a fantastic bonus! 

Caroline works at Trafalgar School as a HR officer

Meet Elaine - The wellbeing wonder

Ellie and her child thanked Elaine, a SIMS manager at King's Academy College Park for her support over the last few years. 

In her thank you message, Ellie told us that when her child is unwell, Elaine is hugely sympathetic towards their unique situation and feels supported when she's struggled at home.

Elaine said she felt incredibly humbled at being recognised as a school superhero.

(Left to right - Ellie, Elaine and colleague Cara)

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