Louise is a superhero teacher!

Louise works at Mary Rose School

It has been fantastic to see so many diverse shoutouts for our school staff across the city over the last few weeks. We have had an astounding number of messages for the thank a superhero campaign. Meet Louise, who is a teacher at the Mary Rose School. She is another school superhero who has been recognised by a colleague in the city.

This week Teach Portsmouth will be showcasing a teacher who is not only an amazing teacher but also a supportive colleague and friend to the staff within the school. We hope this nomination spurs on others to thank a school superhero.

Jacqui nominated Louise for being a caring and helpful teacher. We spoke to Jacqui to find out why she nominated Louise and what it means to be recognised for her work.

Generously shares ideas

A wonderfully supportive teacher, friend and colleague. You not only help the students to achieve their best in exciting and fun ways but generously share those ideas and support so many staff in school

by Jacqui

Jacqui nominated Louise to say thank you for being supportive. She said Louise has a magical way to problem solving and is always happy to share her ideas with her colleagues.

her repeated phrase 'communication is everything' is so true with all children but especially those with additional needs who need extra help to express themselves, Louise makes that happen

by Jacqui

Others appreciate what I do

We contacted Louise and her colleagues to share the special thank you message Jacqui submitted. Louise said the nomination meant everything to her. She told us what it felt to receive those kind words.

I feel honoured and humbled to be nominated in this campaign.

This nomination means everything to me because it confirms that it am doing my job correctly and others appreciate what I do, I am completely blown away that someone has gone out of their way to acknowledge this. Thank you.

by Louise

Reach out to your school superhero and make their day!

Give words of kindness to someone at you child's school who has gone above and beyond for your family. Tell us today and we'll share your message with them in June 2024 as part of a printed document for all to see.  

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