New initiative set to get more people into teacher training

Join us for Teach Portsmouth's love to teach information event

A new initiative to encourage more people to become teachers in Portsmouth has launched called 'love to teach', working with training providers and partners in the city to showcase different routes into the profession. 

Teach Portsmouth has long championed the recruitment of education professionals including teachers and teaching assistants. 

Since the pandemic, there has been a reduction in the number of people applying for teacher training across primary and secondary sectors. The 'love to teach' initiative seeks to increase awareness of the opportunities available with an information event on Tuesday 7 November at Portsmouth Central Library from 3pm - 5:30pm. 

The event will act as a first step in someones fact finding mission as they learn about routes into training and the funding available to them. Training providers will be on hand to answer questions and provide more information on what they offer. 

Councillor Suzy Horton, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Children, Families and Education at Portsmouth City Council said: 

Suzy explains the challenges about navigating your options when there is so much information out there

"Teaching is a worthwhile profession that is both fulfilling and enriching. You might be looking at your first job after university or considering a career change, but it is often challenging to know where to turn when there is so much information out there.

"Teach Portsmouth's new love to teach event brings together training providers and local experts who can provide information on this very subject. If you are still undecided about joining the profession, this event will give you practical advice on how to become a teacher in Portsmouth."

Councillor Suzy Horton

Training providers will be exhibiting at the event, helping attendees understand what's on offer. The National Careers Service will also be delivering a presentation on what loans, grants and bursaries are available to help fund teacher training. Emma Cornish, school centred initial teacher training (SCITT) lead, at Portsmouth Primary SCITT said:  

Emma shares Portsmouth Primary SCITT's recent experiences of recruiting trainee teachers

"We're really pleased to be supporting Teach Portsmouth's event to get more people into the classroom as trainee teachers. We, along with other training providers, have seen a decline in application numbers in recent years due to many factors, some of which may be a lack of awareness about people's options and worries around pay and workload.

"Both training providers and schools are working hard to ensure staff wellbeing is front and centre of their decision making and a national increase in pay is coming soon. The future for teacher training looks bright."

Emma Cornish

While there are qualifications you need to have to become a teacher, these are not required to attend Teach Portsmouth's love to teach event. Mike Stoneman, deputy director, education at Portsmouth City Council said:

Mike explains the wider work of the Portsmouth Education Partnership and the importance of supporting staff once they are trained

"There is an urgent need to train more people to become teachers in the city, ensuring pupils have the professionals they need to excel.

"The Portsmouth Education Partnership was created to signpost resources to support those into the profession as well as offer continuing professional development once they have joined. We continue to develop this programme through Teach Portsmouth's regular events."

Mike Stoneman

Learn more about teacher training

Come along to Portsmouth Central Library on Tuesday 7 November from 3pm. Presentations begin at 3:15pm. Afterwards, attendees will be able to meet training providers and local experts. For more information, please visit the event page to register for your free ticket. 

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