"Teaching is about community"

Space camp and plastic pollution are just some of the activities Georgia has created

We've been blown away by inspirational accounts of teachers supporting keyworker and vulnerable children during this time in Portsmouth. To celebrate the amazing work which is happening locally, we've interviewed graduates from training providers to inspire you into teaching.

Georgia graduated from Portsmouth Teaching School Alliance and currently teaches at Wimborne Junior School. She took some time out to tell us what she's been up to, what it takes to be a Portsmouth teacher and why she moved to the waterfront city. 

Tell us how you've supported children at Wimborne Junior School during this time?

The children have been amazing throughout. I've taught a range of exciting topics including space camp to super heroes. Each lesson promotes discussion and improves wellbeing. I've also taught cooking classes focusing on healthy eating as well as PE lessons to keep everyone active.

It all sounds super exciting, do you have a favourite activity?

There's quite a few to name but the two that stand out are the Hampshire school game challenges which are set weekly. The children compete in individual tasks to help get the school to the top of the leader board. My second choice would be gardening activities which have had a very calming effect on everyone.

That's good to hear. What has surprised you the most though? 

While the pace at which we teach has changed, the activities have been met with nothing but positivity. Children have been incredibly responsive to what has been a challenging time for everyone. Not only has it impacted the children but also the wider community. Playground artwork has really lifted community spirit during this time which is fantastic to see.

Everyone has come together during this pandemic. How has the school supported you? 

The school is really supportive of everyone - not just me. Staff morale has remained high throughout due to teamwork and our leadership team have been there every step of the way.

We love Portsmouth but what made you teach here?

I've moved around a fair bit before I decided to settle in Portsmouth to teach. It's an exciting place to live and work with a mixture of different people and cultures. Being by the sea is an added bonus too - it's fantastic for wellbeing.

Inspired by Georgia's story?

We want to reassure you that teacher training applications continue for September. If you feel inspired to start a rewarding career in teaching, you can still apply. Use our route finder to locate your pathway into teaching.

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