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Update-on-awards-_-News-hub-_-Teach-Portsmouth We can't wait to celebrate the Teach Portsmouth Awards at Portsmouth Guildhall

You might be wondering what's happening with the Teach Portsmouth Awards 2020. The Teach Portsmouth team have been working hard to find a way to put on the event however we've had to make some changes in light of COVID-19. 

Celebrating the incredible efforts of colleagues across Portsmouth is more important than ever before. Senior leaders, teachers and support teams have been doing an amazing job supporting key worker and vulnerable children during this time.

The Teach Portsmouth team always look forward to the ceremony each year. However, we've had to rethink how we deliver the event in light of COVID-19 which has impacted large scale gatherings. The team have taken the decision to postpone the event until 12 March 2021.

What's changed? 

None of the Teach Portsmouth team could have seen the changes that much of the hospitality and events industry has faced. Large scale events have been cancelled or postponed to combat the spread of COVID-19. While the team had hoped to deliver the ceremony on 9 October 2020 we have taken the decision to postpone the event in light of current government guidance.

We always look forward to our annual awards ceremony as we celebrate the fantastic efforts of colleagues across the city. The team are pleased to confirm that the Teach Portsmouth Awards are scheduled to take place on 12 March 2021 at Portsmouth Guildhall. At this stage, we're still ironing out some of the finer details. However, we can confirm the following:

  • The annual competition will be postponed alongside the October awards ceremony. A decision will be taken in the autumn term about what a competition could look like
  • A celebratory event recognising those who have worked in the city for 20 years or more will go ahead in October. Nominations for the long service award will open on 13 July and will close on 6 September. 
  • All categories for the Teach Portsmouth Awards will open on World Teacher Day (Monday 5 October) at 9am. This year, all nominations will be completed online through a special awards form. Nominations close 30 November.
The team have had to adapt their approach but believe this new plan will allow us to deliver an event everyone deserves next year when guidance for events becomes clearer.
If you're a Portsmouth school or college, we're on the lookout for your creative efforts during the pandemic.

Showcasing the talents of everyone

During this time, colleagues across the city have pulled together to help the Portsmouth community.

We want to showcase the efforts of colleagues across the city at the awards next year in a special highlights reel shown at the ceremony. From playground art to dance offs at home, we want to show the creativity of everyone during the pandemic. Any video you send must be in a MOV or MP4 format. Images can be JPEG or PNG.

Don't forget - the Teach Portsmouth team must have the correct permissions. You can download a Portsmouth City Council release form and usage details that cover how the images and videos will be used. Please send your release form and content to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

If you plan to film something over the coming weeks, take a look at our top tips for the perfect video: 

  1. Check your lens is clean.
  2. Charge your phone up to 100% - filming will be draining on your battery life so don't risk running out halfway through.
  3. Make sure you have enough memory space as video will fill it up very quickly, especially if you are able to film at a high resolution.
  4. Make sure you are in a relatively quiet room to record, without distractions and be aware of where the mic is on your phone.
  5. When talking to the camera please ensure your background looks tidy
  6. Film using the camera on the front/screen side of your phone/tablet so you can ensure you are in frame at all times. Ensure the top of your head does not get cut off.
  7. Avoid back lighting - having a window or light source behind you will cause you to look like a silhouette. Make sure you are facing a light source.
  8. In your camera settings, if possible set the camera to the highest possible resolution. (1080p or higher)
  9. Film in landscape, not portrait.

What are the categories? 

If you would like to start preparing your entries ahead of the 5 October when online nominations open, you can. Just remember: we need to know the nominee name and the supporting statement which must be 200 words or less per nominee. We are unable to accept whole school nominations. The categories for the awards are:

Long service award 

This award is to celebrate the staff in our schools who have served in Portsmouth for 20 years or more, providing outstanding service during this time. All nominated staff will receive an award for this achievement.

Innovation in teaching award

This award goes to those staff (individuals or teams) who have developed new approaches / innovative practices that has had a positive impact on teaching and learning. Nominations should include a short description on the approaches they took and outline how this impacted student life.

Creativity award

This award goes to those staff (individuals or teams) who have developed new approaches / adapted teaching methods that go beyond the conventional curriculum, which support creative thinking and provide opportunities for all pupils to expand their creativity. Nominations should include a short description of the approaches used and outline how this has affected student life.

Inclusion and diversity award

Inclusion is a strength of many of the schools in the city. We have some amazing Inclusion Teams who embed inclusive practice on a day to day basis as part of their roles. This award celebrates the work of those staff (individuals or teams) through implementing a strategy over time or working on a particular project, which has made a difference to inclusive practice and celebrating diversity. Nomination should include an outline of the project / strategy and outline how it has affected pupils, staff and the wider school community from one of more of the protected characteristics:

  • SEN or Disability including SEMH
  • Gender Reassignment
  • Race
  • Religion or Belief
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Pregnancy and maternity 

Wellbeing award

This award is to celebrate the work of staff who have developed approaches or initiatives in the school to improve the emotional and physical health and wellbeing of pupils and / or staff. Nominations should include an outline of the strategies implemented and the impact that they have had on pupil and/or staff wellbeing.

Community and collaboration award

This award is to celebrate the work of teams or an individual in the school that has made a significant impact on the local community. Nominations should include an outline of the work done and how it has affected the community. Nominations in this category should be supported by a brief testimony from the community.

Partnership award

The partnership award criteria requires two organisations or partners who have worked together on a project or initiative. This is different from the Community and Collaboration Award as this award highlights an individual or small team who have made a difference in their organisation and have not worked with a third party.

Unsung hero award

This award celebrates the members of the whole school community who rarely get a mention and are never in the limelight but who are invaluable to the school and who have a record of outstanding contributions. Nominations should outline the contribution that the nominee makes to the school and the impact of their work. For this category, please be mindful of workload issues and the need to ensure that we are not encouraging or celebrating a climate that increases workload.

Outstanding contribution award

This award recognises the sustained and substantial impact of the nominee on the education of children and young people in Portsmouth. Nominations should include a short outline of the career of the nominee and the difference that they have made over time. For this category, the nominee's careers may include work beyond Portsmouth with no specific "length of service restriction" but the panel will be looking for significant impact on education in Portsmouth.

To enter the Teach Portsmouth Awards, you must be a school or college in Portsmouth. If you are putting together an application now, you can download a Word template ready to submit your application when nominations open online on Monday 5 October at 9 am. 

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