"Teaching is a profession that is constantly changing"

CPD-_-news-hub-_-February- Sophie Venables, director at Portsmouth Teaching School Alliance talks continuing professional development for teachers

Teachers don't stop learning when they qualify - there are opportunities for teachers to continue their professional development through a range of opportunities.

Read about continuing professional development in Portsmouth and how you can take your teaching career to the next level. 

Teaching schools and multi academy trusts work together through the Portsmouth Education Partnership to maximise opportunities and offer support to Portsmouth-based teachers to develop their professional skills and keep up with changes in education standards.

We caught up with Sophie Venables, director at Portsmouth Teaching School Alliance, to find out about the opportunities for continuing professional development after teachers leave initial teacher training.

Can you tell us about continuing professional development (CPD) for teachers? 

Like all professions, teaching is something you need to work on throughout your career. Most teachers have a great appetite for learning, and like to keep developing themselves as practitioners. CPD courses can vary from formal qualifications that take months of study to ad-hoc training on a particular aspect of teaching. Teachers also love to learn from each other too. Professional networks are a great way to share best practice between peers.

Why do you think CPD is important for teachers?

It's really important that teachers have the opportunity to continue to develop as professionals once they have qualified. Teaching is a profession that is constantly changing and all aspects of teaching and learning will adapt over time - so teachers need to be able to access high-quality CPD to make sure they keep up with all the latest developments. School leaders need to be qualified too. Courses such as national professional qualifications (NPQs) can help teachers become great senior leaders and headteachers. These are offered to ensure schools are led by skilled, experienced and qualified teachers.

What CPD opportunities are delivered in Portsmouth?  

There are plenty of opportunities for teachers in Portsmouth at all stages of their career to start some form of CPD. There are many ways to access CPD in Portsmouth. You can work with an organisation like Portsmouth Teaching School Alliance or find a specialist trainer who can visit a school or academy trust. INSET days are run by schools to give staff an insight into a specific area of need.

New and recently qualified teachers will get more support as they develop as practitioners, while more experienced teachers are likely to have a wider remit to adapt their CPD to the areas in which they would like to specialise. 

What CPD programmes are available at Portsmouth Teaching School Alliance?

The Portsmouth Teaching School Alliance is proud to offer a wide range of courses and training from newly qualified teacher (NQT) support through to national professional qualifications (NPQs) for middle and senior leaders.

Due to COVID-19, our courses look a little different right now. However, we will be creating an online library of virtual training for anyone to join. 

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