5 top tips on acing a remote job interview for teaching

Get ready to ace your remote interview with our top tips Get ready to ace your remote interview with our top tips

In normal times, a face to face interview for a teaching position in a Portsmouth school would have been commonplace. Now we find ourselves in a time where video conferencing has become the new normal. While this can't be helped due to social distancing, how do you prepare for an interview in a virtual world?

You might have found the perfect job but struggling to get to grips with technology. We've put together a useful guide on acing remote job interviews for teaching in the hope you get the perfect position. Read on to find out more…

Dress to impress ready for your virtual interview

Tip 1: Get the basics right first 

Interview etiquette still applies. This might be an obvious one for some people, but working from home has seen an increase in casual clothing. While this is appropriate outside of work hours, virtual interviews should be approached the same way as normal ones.

Treat your interview as you would when meeting someone face to face. Wear smart clothing, keep eye contact and ensure your body language is open. 

Ditch old technology that doesn't work and invest in something that does

Tip 2:  Familiarise yourself with technology 

Seeing the top of someone's head might be a familiar sight in video calls with family and friends but don't make the same mistake for your interview. If you are new to virtual interviews, have a go at some test ones beforehand with people you know.

The quality of your equipment can also play a part in interview success. You are more likely to have a successful interview if the person can see and hear you. Review what you have and make a judgement call on what changes you need to make. 

Give yourself enough time to prepare

Tip 3: Make time to prepare 

Preparing for an interview should be second nature for most people. However, due to the more informal nature of remote interviewing some may think they can forego it. When you teach, you plan - so apply the same to your interview.

To help you get ready, make sure you arrange the interview at a convenient time. That way, you'll have the opportunity to prepare those all important questions, establish base knowledge of the school/college and ensure you are operating at 110%. 

Organise where you plan to host your interview to remove distractions from around you

Tip 4: Lighten up... the situation

Spend some time looking at your interview space. Is it light enough? Is the background appropriate? Get to know your surroundings before the interview as it could make all the difference.

The interviewer will want to focus on you and not your surroundings. Remove any distractions and position yourself against a well-lit background. Take time to review the area and make adjustments that you feel comfortable with. 

Speak clearly and loud enough so the employer can hear what you are saying

Tip 5: Practice speaking to camera

With all the teaching experience in the world, speaking to camera is a skill in itself. If you are conducting a remote interview for the first time, have a few tries before doing the real thing. No one expects you to be the next newsreader, but employers will expect you to maintain eye contact, be engaging and conversational. 

Be confident and speak how you would normally. The idea of completing a run through beforehand might seem odd at first but it could make the difference between securing your dream job and not. 

Get ready to ace your remote interview

Our top 5 points should give you a good starting point to ace your remote interview for teaching. It might seem daunting at first but over time, you'll become accustomed to it. Take a logical and measured approach and you'll have the perfect teaching job in Portsmouth soon.

If you haven't got a virtual interview lined up yet, take a look at current teaching vacancies in Portsmouth on the Portsmouth City Council website. 

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