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Our Teachers and their Colleagues

jamie barr  




"I have my mentor who is the head of my phase (5/6) who comes and observes my lessons and then provides feedback and coaching to mirror my lessons and general development. I have also been having coaching from the Deputy Head in order to further improve as a teacher. I am really pleased with the level of support I get here, everyone is very understanding of when I don’t quite get things right and encourage me fully when I do well.."

Jamie Barr, Newly Qualified Teacher,
Highbury Primary School

charissa dilger   



"I trained as a teacher in my thirties. After completing a GTP training programme in a Primary School in Portsmouth through the University of Chichester, I started working in an Infant School in Southsea. I really enjoy my job and I love living in Portsmouth. I have lived in lots of places, but Portsmouth is a fantastic place to live and teach - it has so much to offer and is a great place to bring up a family."

Charissa Dilger, Teacher,
Cumberland Infant School, Milton

 fiona lunn  



"I moved to portsmouth 26 years ago to do a maths degree and have stayed ever since. I have taught in four very different Secondary Schools in and around Portsmouth and absolutely love teaching. I also love living by the sea in Southsea as there is so much to do. It is a great place to bring up a family as there is so much for them to get involved in."

Fiona Lunn, Assistant Headteacher at
St Edmunds Catholic School



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